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Linguistic and Intercultural Center

About Us

The Alif Association was founded in Pisa in 1997 with the aim of promoting exchanges between different cultures through a wide range of activities and events concerning the aspects that most characterize them. Within this intercultural framework we have particularly developed the teaching of foreign languages ​​until becoming an important and center of linguistic studies. Alif offers a variety of courses ranging from European and Middle Eastern, ancient and modern languages, to Italian for foreigners. Over the years Alif has worked in collaboration with public and private institutions, both locally and regionally, implementing numerous Italian language courses aimed at different types of students. Our teachers are all highly qualified (specific certifications, multi-year experience, mother tongue), which contributes to the seriousness and professionalism of the Center. Furthermore, consistent with our philosophy, language teaching is always interconnected with intercultural aspects so as to best meet the needs of a constantly evolving multiethnic society.

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