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By signing up for ALIF

you will be entitled to the following promotions:

  • Ubik bookshop (via Garofani 6, via Italia): 10% discount on books.
  • Bookshop Orsa Minore  (via Coccapani 1 / a, ad.nze Teatro Verdi): 15% discount on books, maps and guides; 20% on stationery and gifts.
  • Restaurant Al-Madina  (via S. Martino 41): 10% discount on all drinks.
  • Literary café Volta Pagina  (Via S. Martino 71-73): 15% discount on books and drinks.
  • Restaurant Tiribillò legato col filo  (via del Tiro a segno, 22, traversa Viale delle Cascine, San Rossore): dessert or wine for free.
  • Photocopiers S. Caterina (Via S. Lorenzo 49): 10% discount on photocopies, prints and bindings.
  • Tarallucci e vino , products from Puglia and other (Via Bargagna-Isola Verde): 10% discount on all products