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Ancient Greek language courses

Courses always active

Collective Courses
The 2 hour lessons will be held twice a week, for a total of 30 hours.
Days and time will be agreed with the teacher.
Minimum 4 members.

Individual Courses and Mini-courses (2-3 people)
The courses will be divided into 18 and 30-hour packages.
Days and time will be agreed with the teacher.

The level I course is intended for all those who, having never studied ancient Greek, are interested, however, for study or for personal interest, to approach this language starting from its bases.

The level II course is aimed at all those who intend to resume or deepen their knowledge of ancient Greek and, more generally, of Greek culture, focusing on particular aspects that may need to be agreed.

The course for high school and university students, on the other hand, is aimed, in particular, at high school students and university students who, although studying Greek, encounter difficulties in learning or in carrying out the versions assigned to them. This course places particular emphasis on the development of written translation skills.

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Teacher of the course

Teacher with many years of teaching experience.
The courses will be held at the Alif Intercultural Language Center